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Children's stories help children to come in terms with the real world, to equip them for the future. Here are some interesting stories for kids. Animals doing funny things. Trains, planes everything kids would like to read.

Into The Ocean
Mystery Elephant
Story Of A Wild Chase
Let's Party All Night
Duck Baby's Day Out
Still Do You Think You Can Fly?
Grizzly Bear's Best Kept Secret
A Night In A Rat's Life
Two Lion Cubs And Chmpanzees
Do You Think You Can Dance?
Rhino Baby Of The National Park
I Dream Of A Time
Lion And The Train Story
Eathen And His Pet Cat
Next Patient Please!
Living A Lion's Life
Being The King Is Not A Joke
This Bird Needs A Home
A Close Encounter, Bear And Tiger Story
It's Party Time Folks!
Back Home At Last!
I Love Flying The Meadows
Hide And Seek
Don't Make Me Laugh, I'll Die
They Say Dolphin Is Man's Best Friend!
The Whistling Lion
The Alert Deer
Elephant And The Ant Story
Funny Ride Around The World
What Happens When You Loss Your Self-Control?
Elephant Friend
Two Friends And A Secret!
Life Long Singers
The Lion's Song
Powerful Bull And The Young Lion
A Not So Pleasant Sugarcane Adventure
A Chug Chug Chug Train Story
A Snowtime Love Story Of Two Deers
The Pet Dog Who Loved A School Bus
Race Horse Night
Buffalo And The Beauty Contest
The Cunning Fox Who Got Rid Of His Competition
Be A Good Listener, Save Your Life!
Rhino And The Lion Story
The Story Of The River
Singing Bird With A Long Beak
Bear And The Golden Fish
The Cat, The Rat And The Treasure Hunt!
Love Knows No Bounds, A Tiger And Rabbit Story
Honeybee And The Flower