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Children's stories help children to come in terms with the real world, to equip them for the future. Here are some interesting stories for kids. Animals doing funny things. Trains, planes everything kids would like to read.

First Swimming Lesson Of An Elephant
Puffing All My Way, A Train Memoir
Lion King And The Animals
Story Of A Small Fishing Boat
Home For A Big Cat Family
Bidding Farewell
Caught Him Redhanded
Lazy Duck And The Tortoise
Who Stole My Eggs? The Worry Of A Mother Bird
Happy Little Countryside Train
Brave And Foolish, A Lion Story
Sixth Sense Of The Frog
Help Somebody When You Are Not In Risk!
Lonely Parrot
Babies Day Out
Giraffe And The Honeybee, A New Lesson Learned
Mission Lunar, My Unforgettable Journey To The Moon
Two Circus Elephants
Deer And The Butterfly
The Storyteller Lion And The Smart Rabbit
Thanks For Finding Me Out!
Smart Deer Who Outwitted Hungry Lion
Friendship Is All About Self Sacrifice
Bird Driving A Funny Little Train
A Dinosaur Love Story
True Friendship Really Helps!
Life Of A Green Parrot
The Lion Singer
The Cop Dog Who Is Too Busy
Horse Journey, I Just Luv It!
No Time To Bark, But To Act!
Red Bug And The Fox Story
The Little Bird Secret
Laughing Cow And The Curious Fox
Elephant From The Book
Small Bird And The Big Fuss
Dancing Cats, Nobody Can Beat Them!
Let's Dream Together
Big Ship And A Small Boat Story
Please Don't Call Me A Coward Horse
Elephant Fleeing From Wildfire
Don't Go School Today
Playing Football Dangerous Like This
A Banana Affair, Little Girl And The Elephant
Need For Speed
Woodpecker Home
The Cunning Fox And The Strong Rabbit
Fly By Design, A Bird Talk
Bird Who Sailed On A Wood Log
Happy Lion Song