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Children's stories help children to come in terms with the real world, to equip them for the future. Here are some interesting stories for kids. Animals doing funny things. Trains, planes everything kids would like to read.

Nighttime Watch Dog
How We Became Friends
Let Me Sing For You!
Cat And The Bird A Story Of An Unusual Friendship
Be Thankful A Short Rabbit Story
A Special Encounter
The Lonely Journey Of A Duckling
I Hate These Mousetraps
The Proud Countryside Rooster
The Desert Meet Peace Agreement
Lion And The Two Rabbits
The Horse Race
Lion And The Tigreess
Never Do This To You!
Have You Seen My Brother?
It's Fun, Playing Together
Breaking News Of The Elephant
Girl And The Cat Over A Silly Dog
The Father Lion's Dream
Bear Who Will Never Catch A Duck Again
All I Need Is A Ride
The Oil Tragedy, A Seagull's Story
A Fox Can Never Be A Tiger!
The Rat's Airplane Journey
The Jungle Marathon
That Is What Good Friends Are For!
Dog Who Loved Freedom
Cat Of The Old Bugalow
Girl And The Dog
What To Do Next?
The Unbelievable Rescue Operation
Dog And The Weeping Baby Elephant
Fanta Bear Out Of The Circus
Cat The Bird Watcher
Tiger In The Village And The Rooster
Let Me Take Some Rest
Only If I Had Listened To That Frog
Smart Cat Safari
The Toll Collector Bear
Who Do You Call A Coward?
Mother's Love, A Tiger Story
Elephant And The Car
A Grand Theft Story Of A Miserable Cat
I Think Somebody Is Watching Me!
Roaring Lion Behind The Iron Bars
Mission Bingo Book Review
Do Not Disturb Me
Helping Elephant Story
Bingo Is Tough On The Rats
A Dog Love Story