Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
Elephant From The Book
Small Bird And The Big Fuss
Let's Dream Together
Elephant Fleeing From Wildfire
A Banana Affair, Little Girl And The Elephant
Barking Dog And The Elephant Story
Dirt Is Where My Heart Is!
The Little Secret Of Bunny Rabbit
Elephant Story, Flood Blessings
Elephant Love
Wild Rescue Operation In Progress!
Ski Board Overturn
My Little Friend
Where Is My Little Friend?
Elephant Loving The River Bath
Elephant Baby Goes To School
Elephants In Fight
Elephant And Sweet Water
Elephant From The Zoo
Mother Dear, Where Are You?
It's Raining Bananas Here!
Jingo, The Firefighter Elephant
Give Me A Clap
Missing Elephant Child
Who Did It?
Love It Raining All Day
Seeing The Elephant Her First Time
Story Of A Timber Elephant
I Am Happy To Introduce Jingo
Story Of A Baby Elephant
The Cool Cat And The Elephant
Dancing Elephant She Is
Secret Of An Elephant
I Love You Baby
Life Of A Circus Elephant
An Elephant Love Story
I Will Not Play In The Rain Again
Happiest Elephant In The World
Fox Child Saved By The Elephant
Baby Elephant And The Yellow Snake
The Frightened Elephant
Stronger Is Never Stronger
The Story Of An Unusual Friendship
Elephant Dating
Old Elephant Trying Hard To Keep Himself Alive!
The Value Of True Friendship
The Sugarcane Lover Elephant
Elephant And Frog How They Became Friends
Jingo Police And Missing Elephant Baby
Jingo, The Baby Circus Elephant