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Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
Talking To An Elephant
Baby Elephant And The Lion
Who Dares To Fight An Elephant!
He Doesn't Have A Trunk!
Train And The Elephant
Mother And Baby Elephant
It's Fun Playing In Dirt
Samba, The Confident Young Lion
Barry And Ellie, True Friends
Elephant Race
The Sea Under
Chit Chat Elephant And Cat
The Dancing Elephant
Elephant And The Bird
Two Elephants Are Making A Hi Five
The Missing Football
I Am Ready To Lose
Explorers And The Wildfire
The End Of The Trouble Maker
Elephant And The Frog
The Monkey Who Helped Elephants
The Real Me?
Flying Girl And The Elephant
Why I Admire These Ants
Baby Elephant And The Chasing Cloud
The Watermelon Lover
Rescuing A Baby Elephant From Water
You Are Now Entering The Rhino Gate
How The Elephants Crossed The Cliff
Little Girl And The Elephant
Catching A Banana Thief
Now It's My Turn
Friends Together
First The Good News
Deer And The Elephant Cartoon
A Summer Dream
Hey, I want to try this
Will You Take Me For A Ride?
Ant Bite
Cat And The Baby Elephant
The Big Chess Player
Old Elephant Finds It Outrageous
Adventurous Baby Elephant Cartoon
Rooster and the Elephant
Special Song For The Elephant
The Ant Soldiers And Elephant
The Ant Explorer
Welcome To Our Restaurant
He Must Be Practicing
The Croc Trap