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Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
Baby Elephant And The Cat
The Elephant In The Mountain Valley
Cat And The Baby Elephant
The Daydreamer Elephant
Falling Elephant
The Frustrated Elephant Cartoon
Boy And The Elephant
Guys, I Am Here To Help You
Mother And Child Elephant
Elephant Cartoon
An Unusual Friend Request
School Bus And The Elephant
Trapped In The Wildfire
Friendship And The Wildfire
Curious Baby Elephant And The Steam Locomotive
Playing In Dirt Makes Me Happy
Duck And The Arrogant Elephant
Helpful Elephant Helping A Bunny
The Helpful Elephant
Elephant And The Dog Cartoon
Disobedient Son
Crocodile And The Elephant
It's Playtime Folks!
Elephant And the Duck
Train And The Elephant Story
Baby Elephant Hide And Seek
Don't Play With Me!
Preparing For The Big Event
There Is No Dead End For This Elephant
I Have A Big Dream To Fly Like A Bird!
Night Sky And The Elephant
The Best Time In My Life
Duck And The Elephant Cartoon
Nervous Elephant
Behind A Friendly Invitation
Baby Elephant Singing
The Lost Baby Elephant
I Am Just Being A Good Listener
Sometimes Small Is Big
Mama's Boy
Banana Monkey And The Elephants
Singer Frog And Baby Elephant
Three Friends Together
Elephant Bath Service
The Lion's Flying Experience
Happy Elephant In The Zoo
Don't Say That You Are Scared!
Crossing The Roads
Run Away Elephant
Let Us Go, Mr. Elephant!