Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
Love Gives Us A Reason To Smile!
Never Dance With An Elephant!
Baby Loves To Sing A Song For You
The Perfect Hiding Place
Dreaming Elephant
Baby Elephant's Skiing Adventure!
Mystery Elephant
Still Do You Think You Can Fly?
Next Patient Please!
Elephant And The Ant Story
Funny Ride Around The World
Elephant Friend
Two Friends And A Secret!
A Not So Pleasant Sugarcane Adventure
The Story Of The River
A Monster Encounter
Baby Elephant Who Wanted To Sail
Flooding Times In The Jungle
Working On A Territory Dispute
Shining River Secret
Mom, Please Wait For Me!
Elephant Marathon
The World Is So Big, And I Am Too Small!
Baby, I Won't Let You Down
Bird Who Helped The Elephant
Bird And The Baby Elephant
Circus Elephant Leaving
Elephant On My Way
How We Became Friends
A Special Encounter
I Hate These Mousetraps
The Desert Meet Peace Agreement
Never Do This To You!
What To Do Next?
The Unbelievable Rescue Operation
Dog And The Weeping Baby Elephant
Let Me Take Some Rest
Only If I Had Listened To That Frog
Smart Cat Safari
Who Do You Call A Coward?
Elephant And The Car
Do Not Disturb Me
Helping Elephant Story
Let's Thank God
Who Will Help Little Browny?
Giraffe And The Elephant Story
The Untold Story Of A Circus Baby Elephant
Baby Elephant Adventures
Two Friends Make It Possible
Fleeing The Wildfire