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Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
Special Song For The Elephant
The Ant Soldiers And Elephant
The Ant Explorer
Welcome To Our Restaurant
He Must Be Practicing
The Croc Trap
Monkey And The Elephant Friends
Elephant And The Rolling Stone
Elephant And Bird
Meet The Fastest Skier In The World
The Soccer Player
Picnic Baby Elephant
I Love To Eat Watermelon
Elephant Doctor And Frog
I Saw A Monster
Dino Umbrella For The Baby Elephant
The Skeptical Baby Elephant
Elephant And The Frog Army
Appreciating God's Artwork In The Sky
I Deserve A Pat On My Shoulder
Smart Monkey And The Rogue Elephant
The Sweet Revenge Of A Crocodile
How The Lion And The Elephant Became Friends
The Crab Punishment
Elephant And The Birds
All I Am Asking Is A Lift!
Guess The Image
A Walk With The Elephant
Baby Elephant Rescuing A Tiger
Mad At Drinking Water
Enjoying The Rain
This Starry Sky Makes Me Happy
You Are Cordially Invited For The Party Tonight!
Elephant Who Helped A Couple In Distress
Yawning Baby Elephant And Giraffe
The Angry Duck And The Elephant
I Have A Reason To Cry
On A Beach Tour
The Unstoppable Guy
Football Maniac
Elephant Dancer And Her Short Performance
Better You Ask First
You Almost Crushed Me!
Guardians Of The Forest
The Baby Elephant Who Needs Attention
The Big Bull Elephant
Elephant And Giraffe Cartoon
Elephant In Trouble, The Rabbit Is Here To Help!
Healing An Elephant
Dog And The Elephant