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Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
The First Swimming Lesson Of An Elephant
Saving The Tree
Elephant Eating Monster
The Giraffe Assistant
Fox In The Red Car
The School Going Elephant
The Elephant Who Saved Himself Because Of The Tortoise
Monkey Who Helped The Elephants
An Uphill Task
Stop There
You Have A Post, The Monkey Postman
The Busy Fox Doctor
Max's Funny Adventure: A Tale of Friendship in the Forest
You Are My Precious Baby
Respect Each Other The Elephant and the Bird
The Humbling of the Mighty Lion
Elephant Shopping Cartoon
End Of A Funny Race
Helpful Bear And Baby Elephant
The Frog Prank
Open Your Mouth Baby
Feel The Magic Out Of The Turtle Shell
Milo, The Swimmer
Crocodile And The Elephant
Give Respect And Take Respect
An Elephant Visit And A Donkey
Ah, We Were Just Playing Around
It's Playtime Folks!
Rhino The Troublemaker
Please Get Me Down, A Crocodile Mistake
Honk, Honk, Stay Away Out Of My Path
Elephants In Trouble
Pay Tax, And Drink Water
Baby Elephant And The Birds
The Lion Trapped In The Wildfire
Missing Baby Elephant
Sweet Water, Sweet Dreams
A Fish Can Live Only In Water
Glad To Meet You!
Elephant And The Moving Rock
The Elephant Who Hated Rats
Elephant And The Frog In The Pond
Crocodile Invitation
Elephant And The Bird's Nest
Sorry, We Can't Accommodate You
No Need To Fear Baby
The Elephant Tax
Dreaming Elephant
I Can Make It Raining
Who Is Making Ripples In The River