Wow, the elephants. They are intelligent and lovable. Here are some exciting kids stories about elephants.
Baby Elephant's Dream
A Real Monster Encounter
Rabbit Rescue
Way To Go
Lonely Baby
I Love This Cool Bath
Cat And The Elephant Football
Baby Elephant Who Wanted To Be A Butterfly!
This River Is Not Just Enough For Me!
It's Time For Compromise Baby
Animal Circus
You Are Under Arrest
Please, Don't Do This To Us
Singing The Tweets
Saving A  Baby Elephant
Elephant And The Train
Good Parenting
Let Me Sleep Now
It's My Own House
Three Friends Adventure
Elephant And The Bird
Take Me For A Ride
Can I Touch Your Tail?
Baby Elephant Rescue
An Elephant Push!
Good Friends Are Like That
I Feel Sorry
It's No Joke Please!
This World Is Full Of Surprises
Bull And The Elephant
The Lost Child
The Girl Who Helped The Elephant
Bear And The Elephant
The Peacemaker Elephant
Elephant Push
Love Gives Us A Reason To Smile!
Never Dance With An Elephant!
Baby Loves To Sing A Song For You
The Perfect Hiding Place
Dreaming Elephant
Baby Elephant's Skiing Adventure!
Mystery Elephant
Still Do You Think You Can Fly?
Next Patient Please!
Elephant And The Ant Story
Funny Ride Around The World
Elephant Friend
Two Friends And A Secret!
A Not So Pleasant Sugarcane Adventure
The Story Of The River