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A Special Rescue Operation

Don't Worry Baby, You Are In Safe Trunk

The elephant was there to drink some water from the river. The river was overflowing because of the heavy rain last night. He heard someone crying for help from far above the stream. He looked up to see who’s needs his help. There he is, a little fox was drowning in the river. “Please help me, somebody please help me,” the little fox was crying loud for help.

“Hey, baby, catch on my trunk,” the elephant extended his long trunk towards the fox flowing in the water. Luckily the fox could catch the elephant trunk. “There you are,” the elephant grabbed the little fox with his trunk. Now the fox was safe on the elephant.

The little fox’s mother came running towards the elephant. She was running through the banks of the river following her drowning baby. “Thank you very much, Mr. elephant, for rescuing my boy from drowning. I can’t think what would have happened to him if you were not here. We will not forget your help in all our life,” the fox mother said, tears in her eyes.

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