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Welcome To My World, A Frog Story

Hello Friends, Happy To See You All!

Hello friends, I welcome you all to my own world. I live in this pond. For generation, after generation, this pond belongs to us, frogs and other creatures you must not have seen in your life. But live here in perfect harmony, helping each other, and we love our dwelling place.

You can spot frogs in different sizes and colors. By the way, how many types of frogs do you know? I am sure if you are an avid frog spotter, you must have spotted many different species of us in varying colors and sizes.

I have other friends too, ducks. When ducks come here, we often travel on their back around the pond. It’s a great experience to travel on the duck back. They are friendly to frogs because we show them places where they can find food in the pond. We frogs know every nook and corner of this pond and where the ducks should look to find food.

It’s a quiet place, but not free from dangers. A yellow snake comes here often to disturb our peace of mind. When that snake comes, we all go for hiding because that snake loves eating frogs alive. Apart from that, life in this pond is happy and satisfying.

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