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Working On A Wildfire Together

I Have A Bad News For You, Sir!

One Day, the elephant was in the lion’s territory. One lion spotted the elephant and asked why he was in a lion’s territory.

“Hey, baby, why are you roaming here? This is a lion’s area. Don’t you know trespassers will be punished?”

“Oops, I am sorry sir, I just wanted to see you discuss a serious matter.”

“What’s the matter?

“There is a wildfire going on at the other end of the forest. The wind will bring it here anytime soon. If we are not taking any action, then the fire will swallow all of us,” said the elephant.

“Then let’s fight it together. What’s the plan?” asked the lion.

“We elephants will take water from the lake in our trunk and spray all the way, where the wildfire is coming. That will hopefully will prevent the spreading of the wildfire,” the elephant explained his plan.

“All right, let’s start. I give you full permission and support from the lion’s community,” said the lion.

The elephants worked for several days, carrying water on their trunks, and spraying around. They did their job so well that when the fire reached, it stopped. The forest they survived the wildfire. All animals praised the elephants for their hard work.

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