Teaching Him Young, The Art Of Flying


Mother Parrot Scolding The Baby Parrot

Never do that again, it will hurt your legs!

“Don’t land that way my dear child, you are doing it fast. It will hurt your leg. You are flying elegantly on the sky with the wings spread apart. I’m sure that you have no fear of heights, and that’s great. But mastering the art of a smooth landing will help you a lot. Because the most difficult part of the flying is the perfect landing.

First, locate a good landing spot, make sure that it is a safe place by hovering over that place for a few minutes. After you are confident, come down slowly, gradually reducing the speed, and finally touch the ground. Following these precautions, you will have a safe landing without hurting your legs. Ok, enough for now, let’s go home,” the mother parrot said to the baby parrot.

Ready, Set, Go!

After a couple of days, the mother parrot was sure that her baby has mastered the essential lessons and tactics of good flying. Like every other bird, she taught him how to take off and land smoothly. “A bird’s life is not easy these days, the mother warned her baby.  So be careful while flying, and always be alert. Don’t fly to unknown territories, that is dangerous. Now you are ready to fly your own,” she blessed her baby and sent him away to make his own life.

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