Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

story teller bear Giftsspace is a story website for children to learn life lessons through stories, and in a fun way. Hope you'll enjoy our stories, do comment on stories. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!.

Jingo the elephant is a smart elephant. By profession, he is a firefighter. Where there is a fire, Jingo is there, trying to put the fire off. He took it as his mission to save animals from fire. He has saved a lot of animals from the fire.

It's My Last Show Here, Don't Cry For Me!

It was the final show of the circus elephant in the town. The elephant got a lot of fans in this town, mostly young children, who viewed him as a hero. He is saying Goodbye. Read the story

Peggy Got A New Home

peggy the dog and the girlPeggy had a big surprise that day. The girl introduced her the new home for her future family. The dog was very excited about it. Read the story

Elephant On My Way

elephant and the carPlease give way Elephant, I am way back to my home. Oh, now I see why you are doing this. No problem, I'll wait! Read the story

Time For Some Rest, A Camel Story

camel tounge out cartoonDo you find a camel safari interesting? Many find that interesting, a lifetime experience. Here is a camel sharing his story. Read the story

Bird And The Earthworm Story

bluebird and the earthwormThe bluebird was about to eat the worm, but asked a reason why she should not eat the earthworm, to give a convincing story! Read the story

I Can't Help Laughing

two horse laughing togetherTwo friends sharing a joke. Read the story

Nighttime Watch Dog

French bull dog watchingPrince is a smart dog. Do his job as a watchdog perfect. Nobody can cheat him. He is very aggressive in dealing with robbers. Read the story

How We Became Friends

elephant and the trainHey friend, glad to meet you again. What did you bring me today? Read the story

Learn Through Fun

Good short stories will help children to develop their imagination skills to another level. Let them read and learn, a wholesome experience compared to watching TV. Reading helps them to see the world in a new perspective!
wonder dog Dogs are man's best friend. Can you think about a world without dogs? Because dogs do a lot of good things to man, it is hard to imagine a world without dog. Become a Patron! Elephant Magic Mug

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