Game Over, The Story Of A Rat And A Cat

"What is your excuse for today? Every time I catch you, you tell me some kind of excuses, and I'll let you go. I hope you ran out of such silly excuses, and I am now going to kill you," said the cat.Read Story

The Day The Bear Lost His Key

It's winter again, a time for hibernation for us. I love hibernation because that's the time we spend the whole time inside my home. Oh, where is the key? I think I lost my key. Where did I keep the key last time? Oh, God, I can't remember it.Read Story

Little Girl And The Old Circus Elephant

old elephant and the little girl

"Once upon a time, I was a young and charming elephant in the circus. I am in this circus, ever since I was a kid. I learned a lot of tricks from the master trainer. Some of those tricks were hard to master, so I had a hard time with the trainer. But the training made me very smart. After each performance, I got a lot of endless applause. I was a great performer, nobody was there to beat me in my performance.Read Story

Little Dog From The Pet Clinic

dog in the pet clinic

It was really a painful affair. A fine Saturday morning turned into a bad day for me within a matter of seconds. Accidents happen all of a sudden. I curse myself running after the ball, I should not have run after the ball, that landed me in this clinic. No more football in my life.Read Story

Escaping From A Hole Tragedy!

"Mama, what is happening to you? Are you going down?" the baby elephant was running around the hole where his mom got trapped. Both the baby and mom elephants were coming after a picnic. It was a great day for the mother and the baby elephant. Suddenly, all their happiness turned into sorrow as the mother elephant got trapped inside a big hole dug by cruel elephant hunters.Read Story

Dear, Follow Me Closely!

mother and baby duck swimming cartoon

A cute little duck story. Mother and the baby ducks were returning home after an eventful day. They went for a picnic in the nearby lake. It's now evening, they have to reach home before it's night. But the baby duck was not swimming as fast as her mother, because she didn't know how important it is to reach home as fast as they could!Read Story

Monster Encounter Of An Elephant

frogs and the elephant

The elephant thought he was the strongest and can do anything he loves to do. He was a nightmare for many animals living around him. Here is an interesting story about how some frogs fooled the elephant, finally get rid of him by doing a simple trick.Read Story

No Love For Carrots

rabbit surrounded by carrots

Our love for carrots is being portrayed in many cartoon films and stories as we do anything for the love of carrots, even die for it! Cartoon rabbits have acted in those films as enjoying the carrots, chopping, and cheering on fresh and juicy carrots.Read Story

Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

story teller bearThis storyteller bear has full of stories, cute little easy to read stories that will keep children entertained. Have a good time reading this stories, the bear will keep you entertained and creative. This website also contains various kid stuff and activities. girl with cat missing poster

Why You Read

Reading stories will widen your world. For every action or decision we make in life, there is a reaction, which may be good or bad. These stories are an attempt to teach kids something about life ahead of them.
Drawn by a little girl aged 6, this picture shows the deep impact of Covid in the minds of young ones. elephant stopping the bus cartoon

"No, I won't let you go unless you give me bananas. That's the toll you have to pay for me!"
what's new bird

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