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Animal tales, illustrated for young readers.

Welcome to Giftsspace, where we bring children’s imaginations to life with engaging stories and adorable animal characters, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

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These Beavers Building A Dam

three beavers building dam
Beavers building a dam to save the animal kingdom from the flood. Read More
Fun Gifts For Children

Elephant Coffee Mug


Elephant Large Clock


Baby Elephant Baby T-Shirt


Benefits Of Sharing Stories With Children

Sharing stories with children is a great way to make them creative. Reading stories to the children is the best way to build a strong bond with them. Children of course love stories, the more you read, the more intelligent they'll become.

Choosing the right stories for your children is a responsible task. With that in mind get yourself acquainted with the stories you are going to read to your children. In that way, you can make it a fun time together with your children.

The New Hippo And The Crocodile A friendly hippo named Hugo arrives at a new lake after the water in his home dries up. The resident crocodiles, led by Carl, are initially suspicious and hostile.
A Camel Back Adventure The dog jumped upon the camel back, and they started their desert adventure. It was hilarious journey.
Tiger In The Zoo And A Rat A tiger born and raised in a zoo had never experienced life in the wild. He was comfortable in the zoo but was occasionally bothered by a lonely rat