Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

bear honey
the elephant marvelous
bear and the bird
Gosh, what's happening here? The baby lion couldn't take that for long. He saw two big elephants fighting each other. The happy lad he was, roaming around the jungle and watching the animals. After all, he is the future king of the jungle. So he must know his subjects. He had many friends in the jungle. "When I grow up, I will put an end to these kinds of fights between animals," he thought. Read the story of a whistling lion.

The Lion Rider

The elephant never thought seeking help from a lion lands him in trouble. Before seeking help, it's good to think twice about the person you are asking for help.

I Am Anxious

The bird was anxious about her partner. He has not yet reached home. They lived in a tree house surrounded by other big trees.Read the story.

A Snowtime Love Story Of Two Deers

snow deerWe don't know what will happen next in our life. Unexpected events could become a turning point in our life. Sometimes it's for good, and sometimes it's for bad. Here is such a romantic deer story!

Story Of A Circus Tiger

circus tigerIt's a story of a circus tiger. He hate and love being a performer at the circus. But he doesn't have a better choice!Circus tiger story!
mission bingo A special story of a happy reunion!
Two tiger brothers met each other after several years of separation. First they didn't recognize each other, but when they did, it was a happy reunion! soooter gril