Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

Children love stories, and here is a bunch of animal stories for kids to read free. These stories are crafted with good illustrations to breathe life into our stories. Feel free to browse our stories. Have a great day.

Elephant And The Ant

elephant and the ant smallThe baby elephant saw a small ant. "Hey, look out, you are going to smash me," screamed the little ant. "Oh, I would have crushed you under my foot, I am sorry about that," said the baby elephant. They became friends. The ant started to tell the elephant about the hard working ants.

A Snowtime Love Story Of Two Deers

snow deersWe don't know what will happen next in our life. Unexpected events could become a turning point in our life. Sometimes it's for good, and sometimes it's for bad. Here is such a romantic deer story!

Learn Through Fun

Good short stories will help children to develop their imagination skills to another level. Let them read and learn, a wholesome experience compared to watching TV. Reading helps them to see the world in a new perspective!

Book Reviews: Smoky, The Steam Engine Train

steam engine train running Smoky, the steam engine was powerful and faster than any other trains during his time. He was a tireless warrior running thousands of miles. He never complained about his hefty schedule but enjoyed his rail life thoroughly!

He loved the countryside and the kids. Every time he sees kids, he whistles loudly. Read the story of Smoky, the steaming adventure.

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Why One Should Read Books

Reading a book expands our world to various cultures, old and new. It's a unique experience no other media can give you. When you read a book, you are getting a new perspective through the author's view point.
Elephant Coffee Mug
Elephant Coffee Mug
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elephant doctor with a stethescope
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Laughing lion
dolphin leapt in joy
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Goodreads Reivews Children's Books

A playful and humorous picture book about what happens to Bella's beret when the wind sweeps it away. Find a few special touchable berets on the cover and inside!

Grand-père gifts Bella the hat she'd always wanted--a beret! But just as she places it on her head, a gust of wind whisks it away. When the beret lands in a chef's pan . . . hip, hip, soufflé! When it lands on the head of a dancer . . . hip, hip, ballet! The wind continues to sweep the hat farther and farther away. Will Bella ever get back her beloved beret?

Children will love to read aloud this humorous and heartfelt story filled with repetition, rhyme, and hilarious wordplay. On the cover and inside of the book, find a few special touchable berets as an interactive and tactile element to engage young readers. Link