Flooding Forest And A Lion's Journey


lion on a woodlog

It was continuously raining in the forest for the past few days. Poor Lion had no place to climb so that he can escape from being drowned in the flooding water. So he clinched onto a wood log that was flowing through the river. The lion was struggling to balance himself on the wood log. If he lose balance all he can imagine is immediate death.

All the rivers in the forest were overflowing uprooting trees and destroying everything on their way. The lion had no clue as to where the wood log is taking him. But to save his life he had to stick with it. Every year flood creates havoc in the forest causing many animals causalities from the overflowing rivers.

Two days passed, still, he was afloat sailing on a downward stream. He lost all hope to return to his homeland from where he started his journey. The next day the rain stopped. He landed in a new territory where everything looked strange to him. He had to restart life in that new place. He was very hungry. For the last two days, he didn’t have any food.

A little bird was watching the Lion. The bird asked him. “You seem to be new here. What made you come here”? The Lion told the bird about his great escape from the flooding waters.

“I want to go home but don’t know how to get there,” the Lion told her.

The Little bird asked Lion to get ready for a trip back to home.

“I will help you with your journey back home,” she said.

The Lion first laughed at the offer. How can a little bird like him can help me. He thought. The bird was flying showing him the direction. When he got tired he took rest and the bird will sit on a tree. Withing few days the Lion reached home safe and sound. He thanked the little bird for the big help. The little bird went home happy because she could help one who was in distress.

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