Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

story teller bear Giftsspace is a story website for children to learn life lessons through stories, and in a fun way. Hope you'll enjoy our stories, do comment on stories. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!.

Jingo the elephant is a smart elephant. By profession, he is a firefighter. Where there is a fire, Jingo is there, trying to put the fire off. He took it as his mission to save animals from fire. He has saved a lot of animals from the fire.

Let Me Sing For You!

dog and the bird singingYou are a great singer. I feel sleepy when I hear your song, you got a very good talent! Read the story

Cat And The Bird A Story Of An Unusual Friendship

fallen bird and the catThe cat saw the bird in a bad condition falling from the tree. Luckily, the bird fell upon the cat while he was sleeping. Read the story

Be Thankful A Short Rabbit Story

praying rabbit cartoon"God, please give us something to eat or we will die," the rabbit mother prayed. She and her kids were starving, they had nothing to eat. Kids have to go to school also. Read the story

A Special Encounter

elephant and the dogElephant saw the a group of people coming near to him. He went hiding in the bush. He thought it was a group of hunters. "If the hunters finds me, that's the end of my life," he thought. Read the story

The Lonely Journey Of A Duckling

duckling swimmingThe duckling thought it is ok to swim alone, because she was taught by her mother how to swim. Read the story

I Hate These Mousetraps

rat and the elephant talkingHey, Mr.Rat, why are you hiding away? You are afraid of somebody, please tell me whom you are fearing? Read the story

The Proud Countryside Rooster

red roosterThe proud rooster is very excited today. Tomorrow, he is expecting his newborn babies to see the world. Read the story

The Desert Meet Peace Agreement

lion and the elephant meetThe elephant came to meet the lion to discuss an important matter concerning elephants and the lions. They started their discussion. Read the story

Learn Through Fun

Good short stories will help children to develop their imagination skills to another level. Let them read and learn, a wholesome experience compared to watching TV. Reading helps them to see the world in a new perspective!
wonder dog Dogs are man's best friend. Can you think about a world without dogs? Because dogs do a lot of good things to man, it is hard to imagine a world without dog. Become a Patron! Elephant Magic Mug

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