Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

story teller bearThis storyteller bear has full of stories, cute little easy to read stories that will keep children entertained. Have a good time reading this stories, the bear will keep you entertained and creative. This website also contains various kid stuff and activities.
Reading stories will widen your world. For every action or decision we make in life, there is a reaction, which may be good or bad. These stories are an attempt to teach kids something about life ahead of them.

Recent Stories

elephant and the pink car
The elephant saw the pink car stopped on his way. He asked why she is not running. The car told him about her difficult situation, the reason why she is not running. Moved by her story, the elephant promised to help her.Read Story

dog in the pet clinic
It was really a painful affair. A fine Saturday morning turned into a bad day for me within a matter of seconds. Accidents happen all of a sudden. I curse myself running after the ball, I should not have run after the ball, that landed me in this clinic. No more football in my life.Read Story

frogs and the elephant
The elephant thought he was the strongest and can do anything he loves to do. He was a nightmare for many animals living around him. Here is an interesting story about how some frogs fooled the elephant, finally get rid of him by doing a simple trick.Read Story

baby elephant rubbing a tree cartoon
The tree couldn't understand why the baby elephant is rubbing his body against him. When he understood the reason, he asked the elephant for a promise!Read Story

monkey and the bird on a tree cartoon
Wow, I am in the top of the world. I could see a lot of things from here. It's an adventure life, we monkeys have on the trees!Read Story