Funny Children's Stories For All Ages!

bunny run

Bunny On The Run

Bunny rabbit has to escape the fox. Her four children are waiting at her home for getting some food. Unfortunately, she was seen by the fox, who is now chasing her. Will she survive the fox?
hippo in the river

Sixth Sense Of The Frog

The frog and the hippo entered into a bet on whether it'll rain or not. The tortoise was the witness to the bet. Hippo said it'll not rain in the mid summer. The frog said it'll be raining today itself. Read the story.
migratory birds flying over the mountains

Here We Go, Story Of A Migration

"Here we go" is a story about migratory birds. You must have seen them everywhere. Sometimes the sky is full of them flying in different formations. These birds have to travel thousands of miles to reach their destination without losing track. They have a great sense of location built into their tiny brains, a really marvelous thing God has done for them.

lion in a boat

Lion In The Boat Is Sailing

"Now I have a boat to sail. I am going to conquer the world," thought the little lion. He took the boat to the river and started sailing. He loved his new boat very much until it happened. Read the exciting story of lion in a boat.
hen and rooster

Who Stole My Eggs? The Worry Of A Mother Bird

Like human mothers, every animal mothers worry about their children. They give extra protection to them when they are young, watching them, safeguarding them from the predators.
duck and the tortoise

Lazy Duck And The Tortoise

Some people are like that. They are never satisfied with the things they already have. They go places in search of happiness, but the truth is that they find new problems on the way. Look at this lazy duck who wanted a better place for himself!
little steam engine image

Puffing All My Way, A Train Memoir

I am little engine eating coal and drinking water. I love my job as a country train running non-stop all day carrying people and goods. I love seeing kids my way, they wave at me and I wave back at them. It's a wonderful life as a steam engine.
balloon dog and the elephant

Elephant Meets Flying Dog

"Where are you from," the excited baby elephant asked the dog who was roaming around in a colorful hotair balloon.

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