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camel sitting

I am a desert camel, carrying people and their luggage to places thousands of miles away through the unforgiving desert. I love traveling through the sand dunes. During summer, it is a challenge for my passengers, but not for me. I feel proud when people call me the ship of the desert. My forefathers were warriors of the desert, who fought great wars. God created us with an ability to withstand hot temperature, so that we can can travel desert tirelessly.

I have a special tank on my shoulder to store plenty of water, for the long journey ahead. Here I am, stopped before a small stream, to get some water. It is coming from the mountains, so it’s pure and full of minerals. I will take rest for a few days before I continue my journey. Have you ever sat on a camel top? I bet you would love that experience. Try me next time.

The dog is really surprised.
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