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Never Treat Yourself Big

Don't be silly. I am the fastest!

The horse was very proud of his speed. Often he bet with other animals to prove he is the fastest animal in the world, and he wins that bet too. One day, he met a fox. As usual, the horse started boasting of his racing speed to the fox.

“Hi Mr. Fox, do you know who I am? I am the fastest animal on the earth. Nobody can run faster than me,”

“You are wrong, Mr. Horse. There are animals that run faster than you,”

“Let’s us enter into a bet then. You bring anybody faster than me, and I will race with him. If I win, you have to tell others that I am the fastest animal on the earth, agreed?” the horse asked the fox.

“Yes, agreed,” the fox said, and he brought a leopard along with him.

“Here you go, ready, one, two, three,” the fox signaled the race.

Both the leopard and the horse started to race. Within a few seconds, the leopard was ahead of the horse. The leopard reached the finishing line well ahead of the horse and won the race.

“Hey, Mr. Horse, what do you have to say now?” asked the fox.

“I am sorry. I admit that there are animals faster than me. Thank you, Mr. Fox, for making me realize this fact,” said the horse. After that day, the horse never boasted of his racing skills.

Nobody is above anybody!

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