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I Am Taller

You are taller than me!

The elephant thought he was the tallest animal in the forest. One day he was talking about this to his monkey friend.

“Hey, you know something? I just discovered that I am the tallest one in the forest. Nobody can beat me in that.”

“I am sorry to say that there is somebody taller than you,” said the monkey.

“I won’t believe you until you prove it!” said the elephant.

“Ok, let’s go to a place where I can prove you that you are wrong,” said the monkey.

Both the monkey and the elephant started walking to another part of the forest, and they reached a place where they saw a big tree.”

“Ok, let’s wait under this tree for some time,” said the monkey

After a few hours, they saw a giraffe with a long neck. When they saw the giraffe, the elephant got a big shock. The giraffe was much taller than the elephant. The monkey laughed at the elephant.

“See, now tell me who’s the tallest one?” the monkey asked the elephant.

“I am sorry, my dear friend. I should not have boasted you. Now I know that I have to humble myself. Thanks for teaching me a great lesson I should not forget in my entire life,” said the elephant.

They went home happy.

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