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The Alert Deer And The Lion

Somebody Is There.

The deer was walking towards the river to drink some water. It was a hot summer afternoon. There was complete silence around him. But just then, he heard some unusual sound from the bush. He looked back, saw nothing.

The deer was feeling so thirsty, so he walked towards the river. When he finished drinking water, he saw a lion too was drinking water beside him. He was horrified seeing the lion very near to him. But the lion didn’t attack the deer. He was just drinking water. When he finished drinking water, he went his way, completely ignoring the deer’s presence.

The deer couldn’t believe that a lion left him unhurt.  So he was telling everybody about what happened with the lion. One bird heard what the deer was talking about. “Hey, Mr. Deer, I know why the lion didn’t attack you,” she said. “Please tell me,” the deer requested.

“It was just because the lion had his lunch on fat antelope. I was watching him eating it. After lunch, that lion was drinking some water from the river, and you saw him at that time. So he had no interest in you. That’s why he left you unhurt. It may not happen next time. If the lion is hungry, he will definitely turn to you. ” said the bird. “Thanks for guiding me, Ms. Bird. I’ll be alert,” said the deer.

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