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Good Friends Act Smart!

elephant and the tortoise
Thank You My Dear Friend!

An elephant was walking hurriedly, he had an urgent appointment., and he was running late. But there was a blockade on his way. A tortoise was on his way, which walked too slow.

“Hey, Mr. Tortoise, please give me the way. I am in a hurry,” said the elephant.

“Sorry friend, I am also in a hurry, but I could walk only at this speed. Please bear with me,” said the tortoise.

“I will make you fast, get onto my trunk,” said the elephant.

The tortoise made himself comfortable on the trunk of the elephant. The elephant carried the tortoise in its trunk.

“Hey, friend. You are great! Thanks for your kind gesture in giving me a lift,” said the tortoise.

Both the elephant and the tortoise reached their destination in time. See how the elephant managed the situation nicely.

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