The Day Cat Saved A Rat

rat and the cat

It was a cold and snowy winter afternoon. A young rat was practicing his jumping skills from one building to another. A cat who was sitting on the street saw the rat’s adventure. Unfortunately, the poor rat lost its balance and was falling down. Immediately, the cat rushed to save the rat. Luckily, the rat landed safely on the back of the cat.

The rat fell unconscious, falling from the rooftop. The cat waited for the rat to gain consciousness. After a few minutes, the rat opened its tiny eyes saw the cat.

“Please don’t kill me,” the rat pleaded.

The cat laughed.

“If I had any intention to kill and eat you, you would not be here pleading for your life. Kid, you are too young to die at this age. Please don’t try these kinds of adventures. Remember one thing, I may not be there always to help you,” said the cat.

“Thank you very much sir for rescuing me, I will not do these kind of adventures,” said the rat.


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