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The Circus Elephant Little Johnny's Accident

Watch me doing this!

One day, little Johnny, the circus elephant was practicing a balancing act on a football. He was an outstanding performer. After each show, he used to get a lot of applause from the audience. People liked him especially children. All those appreciation made him think that he is something. As a result, he stopped paying any attention to his trainer. 

A bad donkey was watching the elephant practicing. He decided to play a nasty trick upon the elephant. He always envied at the baby elephant because of the unique skills he had. With a wicked intention to make him fall, the donkey made a loud laughing sound “he…he..he”.  Johnny distracted by the donkey sound lost his balance and fallen from the ball. It was very painful. One of his legs got a fracture.

The doctor who attended Johnny said the fracture is not that serious. He can continue with his performance after taking rest for a few weeks. Johnny learned a great lesson from that mishap. Never get distracted while doing something important. Also, he started listening to his trainer diligently.

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