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Good Friends Stays Together Always

Where are you going?

“Hey Cow, why are you so sad today?” the rooster on the rooftop asked the cow. I am sad because I am sold to another person. Today I am leaving you all. I don’t want to go, but I have to go. The person who bought me will come here anytime. I am getting ready for the long journey. I wish I could stay with you all, but what to do, I have to go,” said the cow. The rooster became sad hearing the sad news.

Soon the person who bought the cow came with his truck to take her to his place. He helped the cow to climb the truck. The cow obediently climbed into the vehicle. There she goes. The rooster, dog, and the cat all became sad, leaving their dear friend to go away.  We will not see her again, said the rooster to his friends. All the friends were crying for their best friend.

After some days, the cow came back in the same truck. Everybody was happy to see the cow again. The cow got down from the vehicle. The rooster, the dog, and the cat sang a welcome song for her. The person who bought the cow returned the cow to her old owner for some reason. They had a party that night to celebrate the return of the cow.

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