My Pet Cat Joy

funny cat

My pet cat Joy is the best one I ever had. Suddenly he appears from nowhere to disappear just like that. He is smart to look for funny things to do. He watches TV a lot and his favorite channel is animal planet.

Joy is very brave. He attacks rats and sometimes will leave them. It all depends on whether he is hungry or not. He never kills a rat without a proper reason. Oh, I forgot to add something he dearly loves to do. Fishing in the nearby pond. Also he is a fan of ornamental fishes in my fish tank. He watches them seriously and monitor their every activity I am not sure with what intention. I think I should have an eye upon him. Because cats are cats.

He loves to listen music to and dance with it. He is a great composer too. His favorite past time is playing with my Grand Piano. He Loves to play the piano by jumping into it the keyboard walk on the keys to create a rhythm nobody can repeat. Don’t you think he is just awesome? Now Tell me about your pet.

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