The Power Lifter Rat And The Greedy Cat


powerlifter rat

Please, please leave me alone, the rat pleaded to the cat. The cat named Bingo wanted to make a kill. But the rat’s pleading confused the cat. “See Mr.Rat, I don’t want to eat you, but it is my duty to help people to get rid of the mess you are creating. Now give me at least one reason why I should not kill you?” Bingo asked the Rat.

“You see, I am a weight lifter getting ready for a big weight lifting event. If I win, I will give you the prize I get” the rat said. The cat agreed to that option. “You got a big heart, Mr.Cat. I would be grateful for your kindness. Thank you very much”, the cat said to the rat. Every day cat came to the rat to encourage him brought him healthy food to eat.

Finally, the big day arrived. The rat grabbed the first prize for his excellent performance. With the first prize, he came to the cat. Knowing he won the championship, the cat congratulated him. “What’s the reward you got?” the cat was very anxious to snatch it from the poor rat. “The first prize I got is a pair of rat shoes. Here it is” the rat smiled and gave the pair of shoes to the cat. Seeing the shoes the cat became very angry. Are you kidding? How can I use rat shoes? Keep it yourself and never come before me. The cat shouted. The rat went home happy with the first prize.

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