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Never Judge Something So Easily!

Song of Heavens

The Mallard duck lived a joyful and lazy life. He was always happy in the lake, as there were plenty of stuff do in the lake. He had a big friends circle of frogs and other lake animals. The only thing he lacked was the company of a lady duck. He always dreamed about it.

One day he heard the sweet sound of a lady duck. It was a really cute song about loneliness. Quack, quack, quack that song made him swim with joy.  The mallard duck couldn’t resist his curiosity to find out who was singing the sweet song. The sound was so sweet. He thought that the singer is a beautiful one! 

He padded himself into that direction where the sound was coming. But there was an unpleasant surprise waiting for him. The sound he actually heard was produced by a duck hunter. The hunter was imitating the female duck with an instrument to lure the innocent ducks to his trap. The moment the hunter saw the duck, there was a gunshot. But the bullet missed its target and mallard duck had a narrow escape and he flew to safety. This story teaches us a lesson. Don’t jump into conclusions, and be vigilant always before make a decision.

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