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Elephant And Frog How They Became Friends

“Chrome Chrome.. ., stay away from this lake. This lake belongs to us frogs.  How dare you are to come here? Elephants are not allowed here” the frog was angry at the elephant.

One day the baby elephant was drinking water from a lake. With his trunk dipped into the water, he was quenching thirst. Suddenly a frog appeared from nowhere. He was furious about the elephant drinking water from the lake. He asked the elephant to stay away from the lake or prepare to face the consequences. He asked the Elephant who gave him the authority to take water from the lake. The baby elephant said he was thirsty and he had to drink water. He apologized for his ignorance.

But the frog kept on saying that the lake belongs to them for generation and after generation and he will not allow anybody to take water from the lake.  “Let me make it clear that nobody is allowed to take water from this lake especially elephants.” frog was arrogant in his reply.

All of a sudden a snake came out of the bush nearby and started to attack the frog. The frog cried for help. What did the baby elephant do? He came forward and rescued the frog from the clutches of the snake. After that day both of them became friends for life. Good people are like that. They never store enmity in their minds and come forward to help others when there is a need.

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