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Do You Think I Am A Silly Dog?

Today Is Boring Day, Nobody at Home!

Hey kid, why are you looking me like that? Did I do anything wrong? I’m just bored, yawning and yawning again. I have nothing to do today until my friend is back from school. After that, it’s big fun. We both play together for hours. He will run, and I will run to catch him.

Why I Am Not A Silly Dog

For the boy, I am a superhero. Years back, I saved that boy’s life by risking my own life from a snake bite. He was very young then, sitting and playing with his toys. I was watching him and suddenly noticed a snake is fast approaching the child to bite him. I sprang into action. I killed the snake by jumping upon it.

But the rest of the world, I am yet another silly dog. No complaints. But remember, every silly dog has got an adventure story like mine. So don’t see a dog silly.

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