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Anything For Love

Here we go!

“Hey, friend, why are you looking sad today?” asked the horse to his friend, a cat.

“I have seen a beautiful cat girl on the other side of the river. But to meet her, I need to cross this river, but I don’t know swimming. All we can do now is to exchange glances,” said the cat.

“Don’t worry, my dear friend. I know swimming, and I will help you to cross the river. Are you brave enough to come with me?” said the horse.

“Oh, sure. I can do anything for my love,” said the cat.

The cat sat on the horseback. The horse started swimming. The cat girl saw the cat boy coming towards her. The cat girl was excited and started dancing. After swimming for a while, the cat and the horse reached the other end, where the cat girl was standing.

The cat boy proposed, and the cat girl readily accepted the proposal. They got married.

The cat boy and the girl sat upon the horse for their return journey. The horse swam across the river, and they reached home safely.

The cat thanked his friend for the great help he offered. The horse went to his home, happy to help his friend.

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