Bird's Revenge with Yellow Snake


bird and snake

The bird was flying around to find a good place to build a house for herself. She is busy because she is soon to become a mother. She wanted to find a safe place to lay her eggs,  a place which she can call home, a beautiful home where her future kids could stay safe.

She saw a big tree and found an ideal place to build her nest. But she had to take permission from the owner of the tree, a yellow snake who lived inside a big hole in the tree. So she knocked at the door of the snake’s home, the snake came out. It was a long yellow snake. “Hi Mr.Snake, Good morning. I want to be a tenant in this tree. Can I have your permission?” the bird politely asked. “Sure, why not, the tree is yours you can build your nest today itself.” the snake replied.

The bird began to build her nest. Painstakingly she organized materials to build the nest by collecting straw and other things from far away places. After two-three days, she had a beautiful nest. She played her eggs in her artistic nest. The yellow snake was watching all this. One day while the bird was out, the snake reached her nest and grabbed one egg. It was tasty. So he ate all the eggs. In the evening when the bird came back, there were no eggs in the nest. She began to weep and then it was a loud cry. Seeing her crying the snake asked her why she is crying. She told him that she lost all her eggs. “Don’t worry, while I am here nobody can eat your eggs, have some more eggs and I will take care,” the snake consoled her. Now, the bird grew suspicious over the yellow snake.

Next morning she checked the place and found the eggshells lying near the snake hole. It was an ample proof that the snake was eating all her eggs. She got angry but didn’t react immediately. She waited patiently on the tree branch for the snake to come out. After a few hours, the snake came out of its hole. The bird had her friend, a vulture standing ready to kill the snake. The moment snake was out, the vulture grabbed him by her strong legs and flew away. She killed the snake by dropping him to a rock. Now the bird was happy at last. Now she can safely lay eggs and have kids.

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