Diary Of A Sniffer Dog

sniffer dog training
I smell something fishy

I am Barky, a sniffer dog. I am not a silly dog of your neighborhood, but a a trained dog to catch thieves and trouble makers. I became a sniffer dog, at a very young age. I have been introduced into the police by my father, who was also a sniffer dog. After he passed away last summer, I have taken his job.

For me, every day is challenging, taking part in difficult missions. I have to go to many places in search of dangerous things. My father had advised me to do my job without touching anything, as that may land me in trouble. My job is to sniff and if anything found suspicious, bark loudly drawing the attention of policemen in the right direction. I find drugs, explosives, and anything that I am trained. Everybody loves me, especially kids. You can see me wandering in the Airport, Railway Station or Theater doing my duty.

Thanks for reading me. Let me know if you want to hear more about me in the comment section. If you want you can read another interesting story of my friend, A police car mission.

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