The Police Car Adventures, A Difficult Mission Accomplished

“Whoop whoop stop there, it’s an order.” the police car shouted at the robber car who was speeding away after a big robbery. But the robber car didn’t stop. He was a new car fitted with a powerful engine. “Why should I stop while I can get away easily with my super cool engine,” he thought.

It was a busy day for the police car. He had to catch the robber car at any cost. If he fails in this mission, it could be the end of his service. The success of this mission will decide his future. Already, the old car was struggling and competing with other new and young police cars in the force.

All sorts of negative thoughts popped up in his mind. The chance of this mission is feeble, he thought. All of a sudden, the robber car came to a screeching halt.  Anyway, I am not going to stop, he thought. It thrashed into a police barricade. Now the police car was happy. With confidence, he overpowered and captured him. Finally, he proved himself once again.

Never give up. Wait for the right opportunities. You will be successful.

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dog and a cat.

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