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Why I Never Trust A Cat In My Life

dog and cat playing football
The Ball Is Very Cute!

It happened years ago, when I was a little puppy, One summer afternoon, I got a cute ball. I was happy to get a cute ball like that, grabbed it, and started checking it with my tiny paws. A smart cat who saw me checking the ball asked me whether I know how to play with the ball.

I said to him that I don’t know how to play with a ball. “Oh, that is not a problem, I can teach you how to play with a ball. You just have to kick it off your leg strongly like this,” and the cat kicked the ball, which sent it out of sight.

The cat told me to wait there while he finds out the ball for me. I waited for the cat for a long time, but that bad cat never turned up. I realized that the cat was actually snatching my ball from me by kicking the ball away from me. From that day onwards, I have stopped trusting a cat in my life.