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Mother And Child Elephant Picnic

Mom,I love this place

“Hey, Jingo, don’t do that, be nice.” Jingo’s mother scolded the baby elephant for turning mischievous.  Baby Jingo and his mother are out for a picnic. Jingo is a playful baby elephant who always wants to have fun and love funny activities.  Both Mother and child elephants reached a green meadow, a place faraway from their home. The meadow was an attractive and peaceful place, they decided to stay there until it’s evening.

The mother and the son spent the whole day in the meadow. They had a great lunch from the fruit-bearing trees. It turned out to be one of the best picnic spots they have ever visited. From a distance, they could see people waving at them. They waved back with their trunks. People got down from their cars for taking pictures of the mother and the child elephants.

It was evening, and it’s time to get back to their home. Jingo thanked his mother for that wonderful day. The mother elephant promised him that they will return to that same place with more friends.

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