Finding Water, A Great Plan Of Action


elephant standing before king lion

“King, we have an urgent issue to tackle our people are starving for food and water. There is no rain for the past few months. What to do now”? Elephant the Minister asked King Lion.

The hot summer had made water and food scarce in the forest. To get some water animals had to travel long distance. If the situation continues, the problem will be severe. “We have to do something now for our animals.” the minister said.

King ordered all animals to assemble before him the next day to discuss the issue and resolve the problem.

Next day all animals assembled before King Lion. The Minister Elephant explained the purpose of the meeting.  All started discussing the issue. Many animals complained about the long distance they have to travel to fetch the water. Finally, the Lion gave a suggestion. Let’s build a long canal from the water source. That way there is no need to go to water. Water will come to us. Everybody liked the idea of creating the canal.

After a few weeks, they had a long canal with water flowing to them. Kids, this story teaches us something valuable. If you make a good plan and do something, it is going to be a success.

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