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Beating The Summer With A Tunnel

May I Have Your Attention Please?

It was an urgent meeting called by the Elephant minister. All animal representatives were present for the meeting. The minister elephant stood up for his talk.  “King, with your kind permission, I would like to draw your attention to a water crisis Animal kingdom is now facing. The water is becoming scarce, if we are not finding a remedy to the water crisis, all our animals will be starved to death.

Lack of rain has made the rivers dry, and the hot summer has already taken a heavy toll on many animals. To get some water, poor animals had to travel long distances. There were reports about fighting between different animal groups to claim water resources. If the situation continues like this, all of us will be killed in this hot summer. We have to do something immediately.” the minister elephant said.

Let’s build a long tunnel, from the place where there is plenty of water.

The lion king was very brave and intelligent, but he didn’t want to make a decision all by himself. So he asked all animal heads to think about the problem and come for the meeting the next day.

The next day, all animals assembled before King Lion.  All animals had different plans for solving the water crisis. They started discussing the issue in length.  Finally, a Beaver stood up for his suggestion. “Let’s build a long tunnel, from the place where there is plenty of water. That way, there is no need to go to water, instead, water will come to us,” he said. Everybody liked the idea of digging a tunnel for the water. Beavers were the engineers for the project. You know, they are famous for their dam-building skills.

After a few weeks, they had a long tunnel from the river far away. All the animals were very happy because they can beat the summer with their own tunnel getting plenty of water.

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