Story Of A Baby Circus Elephant


circus elephant greets

Hello Kids, I am Jingo getting trained as a circus elephant. Every day I get up early in the morning before the sun rises. Then I start to practice. Do you know that only practice can make somebody perfect in whatever he or she is doing? I humbly admit that each of my successful performance is only because of the fantastic training I receive from my personal trainer Mr.Joe. My mother, a well-trained circus elephant who is also with me here in the circus. I have got several friends here some of them are new.  I used to tell the new ones not worry about anything but focus on the practice. That’s the only way to success.

I get a lot of bananas to eat after each practice session. I am happy here so is my mother. I think last time we met in the circus? I hope you enjoyed my show. Several newspapers covered my show. Kids waves at me and I dance to my favorite tune with the orchestra.

One day during the show I had an accident. I was doing a cycling show and all of a sudden I lost balance and fell from the cycle.  It was a mistake on my part distracted by the kids waving at me. Anyway, I recovered from the accident and now more careful in my shows. I hope you enjoyed my story. Meet you next time at the circus.

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