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Adventures Of Bumper, The Rabbit

Mom, I want to play hide and seek with my friends

“You’re going to play in the woods with your friends. Just be careful of the cunning fox.”

The mother rabbit was very proud of her cute little boy, bumper, the rabbit. The mother rabbit takes her son everywhere she goes, and teaches him lessons a rabbit should learn. The only thing the mother rabbit worried about was the bad neighborhood, where some bad foxes were living.

Bumper went to play with his friends. Playing hide and seek, Bumper went hiding behind the woods. He was waiting to be discovered by his friends.

“Hey, who is that?” Bumper heard a stranger’s sound from behind, and looked back. He saw a fox staring at him.

“Oh, God, I am in trouble. Friends, please don’t come here. There is a fox here,” Bumper warned his friends.

The fox grabbed Bumper the rabbit, and took it to her home. Because the fox was not hungry at that time, the fox pushed the rabbit into a cage to eat him at the dinner.

Bumper was brave, so he didn’t cry. He was thinking how he could escape from the fox. Soon he found that the back door of the cage was not shut properly. So he came out of the cage and hide himself under the table.

In the eavening, the fox came back, opened the cage. He couldn’t see the rabbit inside. The fox went inside into the cage to have a closer look. Taking that opportunity, Bumper the rabbit closed the cage from outside. The fox was stuck inside the cage. Bumper ran to his mother.

When he reached home, Bumper saw his mother crying. All his friends and relatives were there, consoling his mother.

“Hey, look, who is here?” one of the Bumper’s friend saw the little rabbit. When his mother saw her son alive, she came running and hugged her son, and kissed him.

Everybody was happy seeing Bumper. Bumper told his adventure story of how he managed to trap the fox. All were excited and happy to learn that the villain fox won’t come to disturb their peace of mind. Bumper, the rabbit became a hero.

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