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Tiger And The Cow

Um, here comes my heroine

A tiger was preparing to go to the village for hunting.

“Hey, it’s dangerous to go to the village for hunting. Why don’t you hunt in the forest animals instead of going to the village?” asked its friend to the tiger.

“I love adventures. It’s thrilling to hunt a cow or a goat from the village. Then I will become popular among other tigers in the forest,” said the tiger.

The tiger went to the village full of confidence that he could catch an animal from the village, and come back as a hero.

When the tiger reached the village, it climbed a tree to hide itself and waited for its prey. The tiger saw a cow coming on its way. Unaware of the tiger, the cow was slowly walking under the tree.

But something unexpected was going to happen. A bird saw the cow and warned the cow by tweeting loudly. The cow looked up and saw the tiger. The cow jumped and ran away. The tiger, who jumped from the tree on the cow, fell to the ground, injuring himself.

The villagers, who saw the cow running, saw the tiger. They caught the tiger and tied it with a rope. Later, he was sent to the zoo that finish his adventure.

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