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Rabbits Are In The School

Good Morning Children

“Good morning students, I welcome all of you to your new school. I am your teacher, and I will teach you things that will turn you into smarter rabbits and make your life a lot easier, are you ready?” the rabbit teacher asked her students. “Yes mam, we’re ready, teach us the lessons we’re keen to learn, we’ll be good students,” all the rabbit kids said in one voice.

Lessons For Life

The rabbit school has started off the day with a beautiful song praying god for rabbits around the world. Hey kids, We are here in the rabbit school, where the rabbit kids are taught daily lessons of life. See how cute they are and alert on their faces. They are learning how to pull carrots, outsmart their hunters like foxes, and so on.

They love their school days very much because they get a lot of friends to play and do things together.  Within a few months, they will be smarter rabbits who can handle any kind of situation in their life.

After their school days, rabbit kids are ready to face the real world outside. Wish them all the best.

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