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A Miraculous Escape From A Rogue Elephant


elephant standing before the truck

Look out, he is coming to us.

The Rogue elephant, tall, fearsome and wild who thrashes anything on his way saw some village children, who were collecting firelogs for their family. They were on the other side of the road. Seeing the children on his way, the rogue elephant got provoked but didn’t make any sound, stood there staring at the children. One of the children saw the big animal and got fear struck. For the villagers, a Rogue elephant means death as it won’t care anything or anybody that come across. 

Children couldn’t move out of fear.  So they stood still there without even blinking their eyes. They knew if they make the animal angry by sound or action it means their death. Their hearts were pounding high.  The elephant with its long trunk wore a cruel look on its face, was staring at them. Anything can happen anytime. Time ticked away and there was absolute silence. 

After a few minutes, they all heard a roaring sound from a distance. It was the sound of a big truck, which was passing through that place to the nearby city. The long truck stopped there in between the children and the elephant. The truck driver signaled the children to escape. The children had a miraculous escape from the elephant. The truck driver started the vehicle and drove away making sure that the children are out of the sight of the elephant.
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