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The Value Of True Friendship

“Hey kid, it is not a good idea to make friendship with other animals,” the older elephants told the young elephant.

The Lion and the Elephant became good friends. But the other elephants didn’t like that friendship.  They advised him to unfriend the lion or else face the consequences. So the elephant went ahead and told the Lion the problem he is facing. But the Lion said, “Don’t worry, but just call me when there is a need,” so both got parted with tears in their eyes.

One day the elephant was caught by the hunters. He cried for help. Nobody was there to help him. His other elephant friends, who were afraid of hunters, stayed away from the scene. They didn’t know what to do. But his old friend, the lion, heard his crying from a distance. He sensed that his friend, the elephant, is in trouble. He jumped into action. The hunters were about to kill the elephant and remove his teeth. Just then lion with a big roaring attached the hunters. He, in fact, he was risking his own life to save his friend.

Hunters were horrified by Lion’s unexpected attack and ran away. The elephant thanked Lion for his timely action and rescue. “Now I understand the value of friendship, only the one who risks his own life to rescue somebody is his real friend,” he told the lion. His other elephant friends came forward and thanked the Lion. They admitted that they were wrong in advising the elephant against friendship with the lion. From that day onwards, both elephant and lion became big friends for their entire life.

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