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Happy Lion Song

I am so proud to be a lion!

It was a beautiful and a cool day in the forest, the air was so fresh, the water in the river is so clean and crystal clear. Walking through the jungle, the happy lion was enjoying the freshness of the nature. After the heavy rains and a flash flood, it was a full bright day in the forest, the lion couldn’t resist singing a happy song. Whenever he is happy, he sings. But other animals get frightened on his roaring. It’s like that, somebody thinks he’s a great singer, that would be annoying for others. The Lion thinks that he is the best jungle singer.

Found A New Friend

Looking down on the river, he saw another lion singing the same song. What he saw was his own reflection, which made him even happier. See, I got a new friend who is just like me, the lion continued his singing, and the echo from the mountain repeated his song, which he took it as the singing of his friend.

When he walked away from the river, his friend disappeared. He searched for him everywhere, but couldn’t see him. He went home sad. The next day, when he came to the river, he saw his friend, and he was happy again. Ah, here he is, both the lions started singing again.

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