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Need For Speed

Help Me Please!

Hello friends, no it’s not a skiing competition. I am skiing for my life, being chased by a fox. It all started when I won the skiing championship this winter Olympics, beating Mr.Fox, He was champion last year. He is an arrogant animal, finds it difficult to cope with his failure, and became jealous of my success.

Sometimes Winning Is Bitter!

The furious fox is now chasing me, if he manages to catch me, he will definitely kill me, so that next time he could be the champion. I never thought that winning the Olympics skiing medal would be this much rewarding! At least he should have warned me about winning the championship. I love my life, not the Olympics medal. I hope you understand my bad situation.

I have to ski faster or I will be killed by the fox, my life is in danger. See you next time, bye.

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