Please Don't Call Me A Coward Horse

horse with an empty chariot
Running Away From The Battle With An Empty Chariot

I am back from the battle field with an empty chariot. This is not the way a war horse should come back from the war front. It’s a shameful homecoming, but there was no other way. The war was fierce, deafening sounds, and we were running towards the enemy. But, when I looked back, I got a terrific shock when I found the empty chariot, the solider driving has been wounded and fallen from the the chariot.

He was a brave soldier and must have fallen down from the chariot injured by an enemy arrow. I have no clue what had happened. When I learned that I am running with an empty chariot,  I had no option left for me other than escaping the war front with the empty chariot. Please don’t call me a coward horse. I told you that there was no other option left for me.

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