Small Bird And The Big Fuss

A Redbird Sharing Something To An Elephant

Have You Heard That Big Sound?

The cute little red bird was flying here and there, happily singing about how good the day is. But all her good spirit got shattered by a big sound, looking back she saw a huge tree is falling, she got terrified. Fear made her totally upset, and the terrified bird flew without any direction. On the way, she met an elephant, and the little bird wanted to share her shock. So she went to the elephant and said.

“Have you heard a big sound?” the excited little bird asked. “What sound, I didn’t hear anything,” the elephant said. “There was a big tree fallen with a loud noise, which made think that the world was going to end,” the bird said. “Oh, you birds are a lot excited about silly things. What’s the big thing about a fallen tree? I don’t find a reason to get excited about this news, while I myself can uproot a big tree if I wish,” The cool elephant replied. Small people are like that. For them, small things are too big. They make a lot of noise around silly things, while big people keep their silence and do their job perfect and in time. Isn’t it?



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