Elephant From The Book

Elephant came out of the book

Reading my story?

The girl was reading an interesting storybook, she had to return the library book the next day, so she was trying to read the whole book in a go. After reading for sometime, she felt sleepy. Suddenly, she heard a noise. She looked around the room, but nobody was there. She again heard the noise. This time, she couldn’t believe her eyes. An elephant has come out of the book was standing before her. The girl was taken aback by surprise. “You reading my story?” the elephant asked. “Yes, I was reading your story only,” the surprised girl replied. “I will tell my story myself, listen to me,” the elephant said. OK, go ahead, the girl said.

As a wild elephant, I enjoyed a lot of freedom in the forest, plenty of stuff to eat, bananas, jack fruits, everything an elephant would like to enjoy in its life was there. On a bad day, it happened. I fell into a deep pit dug by some mischievous hunters. I was walking with my friends couldn’t see that there was a pit. I screamed for help, but nobody couldn’t help, because the pit was too deep.

The hunters came and captured me, sold me to a timber merchant. From that day onward, I was trained to become a timber elephant, who has to do the job of loading and unloading timber. I am now old and find difficult to work as a timber elephant. I hope my owner will relieve me to have a retired life, the elephant said. Ah, it’s time for me to go back, see you soon, saying that the elephant walked back to the book where he came from.

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