Big Ship And A Small Boat Story

A big ship and a small boat face to face

The little boat saw a big cruise ship coming on his way. “Oh, not again,” the little boat screamed, turned to it’s left to change the direction. The big ship looked down at the boat and exploded. “You silly thing, Why don’t you understand that you are nothing before me?”  the arrogant ship passed the poor little boat creating large waves. The little boat had to struggle hard without losing its balance.

Looking up, the cruise ship saw a gigantic ship coming fast on his way. Cruise ship realized that he was sailing into the wrong path. To his utter disappointment, he couldn’t change the direction because of his fat body. He tried hard, but still, he was on the same channel, face to face with the gigantic honking ship. But the gigantic ship passed him without collision.  What astonished the cruise ship was that the gigantic ship didn’t say a single word to him. He gently passed him.

The cruise ship heaved a sigh of relief to manage without getting hit by the gigantic ship. He learned a great lesson that day, never underestimate anybody or curse anybody for their mistakes.  He felt so sorry for the small boat for the trouble he had created. Next time, I will treat everybody with respect, the cruise ship took a pledge that day.


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