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A Banana Affair, Little Girl And The Elephant

Poor little girl, think that a single banana will make me happy!

The elephant enjoyed people talking to him, especially children. In the zoo, he is busy entertaining people. His every action is clickable, people with their cameras are waiting around him for a picture-perfect shot. Children go near him and can even feed him.  He loves to eat bananas, it’s his favorite food, and he loves to get a whole lot of it.

The little girl wanted to give the elephant a banana, but she was fearful of the elephant. She approached him with fear in her eyes. But the elephant was calm and smiled at her. He extended his trunk towards her to grab the banana from her hand. All her fear vanished and she smiled at the elephant, ah, they became friends.

The elephant does all sorts of funny things to get children’s attention. He loves music. When children sing, he will move his head left and right, up and down to the tune of music. He is the funniest animal in the zoo.  Do you love elephants?

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