A Banana Affair, Little Girl And The Elephant

Little girl giving a banana to an elephant cartoon
Poor little girl, think that a single banana will make me happy!

Like most of the other zoo elephants, he too enjoys people visiting him, especially children. In the zoo, he is busy entertaining people. His every action is clickable. Children can go near him and can even feed him.  The most loving food for an elephant is banana, and he loves to get a whole lot of it.

The little girl wants to give the elephant a banana, but fearful of the animal, see her expression. But the happy elephant is readily accepting the banana from the little girl. The tamed elephant is always happy to have people around him, especially children. He does all sorts of funny things to get children’s attention. When children sing songs, he will move his head left and right, up and down. He is a funny animal in the zoo.  Do you love elephants?

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