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Let's Dream Together

Stop crying and tell me why you are crying?

The Lion was sleeping, suddenly woke up because somebody was crying loudly. He saw it was a young elephant crying. What’s the matter? Why are you crying? The lion asked the elephant. I feel like I am going to die, nobody can save me, the elephant said. Are you kidding? You are very young, it’s not the time to think about dying, the lion laughed and said. “No, yesterday night I had a weird dream, some hunters were after me, and they killed me,” the elephant said.  “It was just a dream dear, next time when you dream, just call me,” the lion said.

Just call me in your dream, Ok?

The elephant went home happy because if anything wrong happens in the dream, he can call the lion in the dream. After a few days passed, the lion had the same dream, some hunters were after him, to kill him. Now the lion was completely upset. He went to the elephant and said that he had the same dream, some hunters were after him to kill him.

This time elephant laughed. “It was just a dream dear, don’t take it seriously, when I said my dream to you, you comforted me. Now here is my turn. I find myself consoling you. You see,  it is easy to give advice. But when it happens to ourselves, we can’t console ourselves. That’s a dilemma, next time we’ll dream together so that we can help each other” the elephant said. Both the animals laughed at their heart’s content and went home happily.

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