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Woodpecker Home

What are you doing, bird?

“Are you knocking me down,” the tree asked the woodpecker. “No, I am building a home for my future family,” the bird said. “You should have sought my permission before you start building your home. Everyone thinks trees don’t have a mind and take things granted. Anyway go ahead and build your home,” the annoyed tree said.

One should ask permission if that’s required.

Woodpecker felt ashamed about not seeking the tree’s permission before building his home. I am sorry dear, I wasn’t sure you will give permission, that’s why I didn’t ask your permission. You are a kind tree, thanks for letting me build my home. I will be your best friend always because you gave me shelter for my family,” said the bird tears in his eyes.

Starting A New Family

Soon, the bird’s new tree home was ready. It was a really nice one. He invited other birds to his tree home, everybody appreciated it. He said that it was only because of the generous tree, who gave him permission to build his home.

One day, a female woodpecker visited his new home. Together the birds started a new family. She laid her precious eggs in the tree home. Children were born to them, and they became a big family.

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