Don't Go School Today

school girl and the cat

Missy the silly cat is begging Andrea not to go to school today. The cat has a very special place in her little heart. She always pampered the little cat a lot and played with it. Best friends can’t think of separating themselves each other.

Missy cat wants Andrea’s full attention, wants to play with Andrea today. The cat can’t wait until Andrea is back from the school. Soon, the school bus came and Andrea was inside the bus. Bus started, Missy ran after the bus but she knew that there is no good in running after the bus,but still she ran for some distance.

In the evening when Andrea came, Missy was happy. Both started playing together. The little girl told the cat not to run after the bus as it will not do any good. The cat seemed to understand what she was saying and nodded her head in agreement. But it happened next day and all those school days too. Missy can’t miss Andrea.


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