bear is reading a book on honey

Confessions Of A Honey Hunting Bear

I love honey, the very thought of drinking real honey will drive me crazy.  I climb high trees to get honey from the honeycomb. That is a tough and dangerous job.  The higher the tree is, the tastier the honey comes from it. Sometimes it is a painful affair, we fall from those big trees and get ourselves injured. But the taste of real golden honey makes all those injuries painless. My kids love the taste of honey, which makes all of us stronger and bigger.

I spend time looking for trees where honeybees have made their home. Today, I have spotted a huge honeycomb hanging from a big tree. Tomorrow I will climb that tree.  Hope I find some really good honey for my family and friends.

You know, I am a writer too. My famous book “How To Find Honey From Big Trees,” has my honey hunting experiences.

Anyway, Winter is a time for hibernation for us, a time to go for a long sleep. See you after the winter.
Hope you will like another story about a silly dog.

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