two rabbits clinched onto a ball
Oh, we made a mistake!

Don't Argue Over Silly Things

Two rabbit friends were having a morning walk. They saw a ball lying on their way. One rabbit jumped upon it and claimed that it is his ball. The other rabbit also jumped upon it and said that it is his ball. A heated argument started between the two rabbits. One said that he saw it first. The other rabbit said that he jumped on it first. Two friends became two enemies in no time.

The ball rolled to a river. The rabbits also fell into the river with the ball they were clinching. If they lose their grip, all they can imagine is death by drowning in the water. The river took them to a new place. The ball got stuck in between the rocks.  Both the rabbits had a narrow escape because the river was flowing to a waterfall.

Kids, sometimes we spend time quarreling for silly things. But the outcome would push us to danger as the two rabbits had in their life.

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