The Sugarcane Lover


elephant at the sugarcane

Wow, sugarcanes

Mad about sugarcane, the young elephant dreamed of eating a lot of sugarcane. One night he went to a village. He was excited to find a large number of sugarcane bundles. It was kept there by the farmers ready to be sold. With his long trunk, he dragged one sugarcane bundle and ate it. It tasted just awesome. Now he couldn’t control himself. He finished all those sugarcane in no time.

Next morning when the farmers came to the place where they kept the sugarcane, they were shocked. They couldn’t believe their eyes.  All their hard worked sugarcane disappeared in just one night. They knew that it was an elephant who ate all their sugarcane. How could they find it? From the big footprints in the ground. They wanted to stop the elephant from coming back.

One schoolboy offered help to the farmers with his invention. He made an electronic bell and attached it to the bundle. That turned out to be an excellent idea. In the night elephant came for the tasty sugarcane. As soon as he touched the sugarcane bundle with his trunk, the bell started ringing continuously. People hiding came with drumbeats. The poor elephant had no choice other than to run away from there.

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