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Turtle And Her Children

lady turtle looking for laying eggs

At last found it!

A lady turtle was seeking for a safe place in the seashore to lay her eggs. She found a lonely place, far from the beach crowd. She started to dug a hole in the sand. After it is finished, she dropped her precious eggs into it.  Now it’s a long wait for several weeks before she could welcome her children.

Some days passed, and it is hatching time for the turtle eggs. The turtle was waiting anxiously in the sea to welcome the newborns. She was worried, not sure about how many will make it to the sea, surviving the predators. Here they are coming. She could see many other turtles anxiously waiting like her waiting to welcome their children. After a few hours passed, she saw the wonderful scene, an army of small turtles.  There were hundreds of them, slowly marching to the sea from the seashore. The turtle was happy to welcome her children aboard. All of them swam to their ultimate home, the deep blue ocean.

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