Rabbit Mother Going For Carrots

rabbit goes to market

Hi kids, I am the mother of three cute young rabbits. I am going to get some carrots before my children come from school. What do you get when you come from school? We rabbits, love carrots, bright orange ones, fresh and tasty. One of the reason why our teeth are stronger is the regular eating of carrots. It also makes our eyes brighter.

Carrots grow in the roots of its plant. I know what you are thinking right now. How do I get the carrots from the root? I don’t have any tools to uproot the carrots. But the kind farmers in the carrot farm always make it a point to keep some carrots for me. I love these farmers who are hardworking and do good things for us. Oh, sorry, I am a little busy it’s time to get the carrots. Goodbye, kids!

See how smart my son. Read his story here.

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