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Dog In A Pink Car

Where are you taking me bro?

Hi, let me introduce my cute friend, the newest pink car from the future. He is a modern self-driven car, has got ears, eyes, and most of all, a smart thinking brain. I can go places with him, without a driver, and that makes him different from all other cars. I am new in town and people seem to be in love with me. Wherever I go, people stare at me and make remarks about me. Only later I realized that they were not admiring me, but they were admiring my car.

I love this cute pink car. I asked him how he manages to drive through the busy streets of the city. He tells me that he gets exact direction from the satellites orbiting the earth who tells him which way to go and stuff like that. “My powerful sensors work hard to find any obstacles so that I can avoid them,” he said.

Have you seen a driver-less smart car driving through your city? If there is a dog inside, it’s me. Meet you soon!

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