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Story Of A Self Driving Pink Car


dog in a pink car

I am a modern self-driven car, got ears, eyes, and most of all, a smart brain. I go places without a driver,and that makes me different from other cars. I am new in town and people seems to be in love with me. Wherever I go, people stare at me and make remarks about me. Other cars envy me because I don’t need a driver.

I love going places, taking the family who owns me. I am in constant touch with the satellite orbiting the earth who tells me which way to go and stuff like that. My powerful sensors work hard to find any obstacles so that I can avoid them.

One day I was driving this family pet dog. He was travelling alone. The pedestrians saw a dog driving the car, and screamed at the dog. But we continued our drive, and he just enjoyed his ride to the pet care center.

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